Read here that how many calories in alcohol drinks that you consume, here is complete chart of alcohol drinks with calories in them
calories in alcohol

Don’t be surprised if someone says that your glass of Alcohol contains a lot of calories. Many people are not aware of this fact. It does not matter whether you are drinking a pint of beer or a glass of wine. They all do contain certain amount of calories in them. But the amount of calories differs within all drinks. Have a look at this Alcohol Calories Chart to know that how much amount of calories in alcohol are you actually taking up with your drinks. With it’s help you can make sure that what amount of Calories do you generally intake from your drinks. and how you need to make the balance so as to avoid unnecessary calories intake.

So, have a look at these figures which tell about the calories in alcohol.

Calories in Alcohol

1 Glass of Regular Beer = 50 – 80 calories
1 Glass of Light Beer = 40 – 50 calories
A pint of beer (475 ml) = 200 Calories
1 Glass of Champagne = 80 – 100 calories
1 Glass of Red Wine = 125 Calories
1 Glass of White Wine = 120 Calories
1 Shot of Vodka or Tequila = 90 – 100 calories
45 ml of Whiskey = 90 – 100 calories
45 ml of Scotch = 90 – 100 calories
45 ml of Rum = 90 – 100 calories
45 ml of Brandy = 90 – 100 calories
Half glass of Martini = above 120 Calories
180 ml of Mojito = 150 Calories
Half glass of Cosmopolitan = upto 145 Calories
1 glass of Margarita = above 150 Calories
Half glass of Vermouth = 100 Calories

Note: (1 Glass = 5 Ounces, Half Glass = 2.5 Ounces, 1 Ounce = 29.5 ml)


Looking to lose some weight? This Alcohol Calories Chart information can help you stop at the right amount. If you really want to have control over weight then make sure that you are not over drinking. Also read this post to know how you can easily shed some pounds without any much effort.

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